Saul Junction Marina


With such a stunning morning and weather only a pilot could dream of, Tom and Chris headed out into the great Gloucestershire countryside. Determined to get more footage for the showreel that was more than just landscape footage, they decided to try somewhere new…

Saul Junction Marina, Frampton-On-Severn, Gloucestershire.

Armed with their pilot jackets, they set out early to seek permissions from the relevant land owners. Luckily this was straight forward, as its isn’t always!

The day started with drone video of the Marina and the adjacent canals. It soon became obvious that although spectacular it would be nice to capture some activities such as the canoes, yachts and canal boats going about their everyday business. They again gathered all relevant aerial permissions and headed further down the Gloucester / Sharpness canal. They were met by one of the many bridges and set to work filming the canal.

The day ended with a final trip to the local Boat lake, whereby more footage was recorded. All in all it was a very good days work and provided the Bexcopter team with more than enough footage!

As always some still images were taken to be put up on our blog and website:

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