Land Rover


Today two of our crew members, Thomas Zandt-Valentine and Chris Boosey, headed out to Aggs Hill Quarry in Cheltenham. We had arranged to meet Alan Greenhill and his bright orange Land Rover for a mornings off roading in the quarry. The plan was to follow him around using our newest addition to the family, the Phantom 2. Fully loaded with the latest Go Pro Hero 4 Black Edition we were able to capture some great footage for our up and coming 2014 showreel. We are yet to be disappointed with this setup, shot in a stunning 2.7k at 50fps!

However we thought that the footage was so good and that we decided to fly a few extra batteries. The result was enough footage to create a short little video that would sit perfectly on our website. We added a slight film look to the footage to give it an exciting desaturated look and feel, especially when accompanied with the uptempo music track!

Here is the final video:

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Oh, and yes, Alan loved the footage and is keen for more in the future.

Saul Junction Marina

Rush Skatepark

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