Dark Horse Agency

Today we headed over to our friends at Dark Horse Agency.

We were tasked with providing some aerial and ground footage for a short promotional video. The video was to show off their premises in an upcoming presentation for one of their clients. As well as motion timelapse, the video features an drone video of their premises that sweeps down through their front doors and into their offices. The final result gives a seamless transition between the exterior and interior.  As you can imagine there was a lot of behind the scenes work to achieve this, not an easy feat to achieve. Finally the video explores the agency before returning to the morning sky…

Here is the final video, short but sweet:


We used a lot of techniques in this video from using our small go pro equipped rig (Molly) to provide aerial footage as well as using it as a handheld gimbal for the interior shots.

We also gathered some images whilst we were there, due to permissions and licensing we had to shoot the drone video at 7am to avoid all the public coming into work in the neighbouring offices. As you can see from the image is was still pretty foggy:

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