Hartpury College

Our Bexcopter team were used to provide drone video and photography to help Hartpury College in their latest video. With 360 hectares of campus to fly around, we had our work cut out for us.

The initial shot list was bursting at the seams, so our crew got to work capturing images and video of the campus. The shots featured each faculty of the campus which integrate into a promotional video produced by Bexmedia, video production (our sister site). Whilst this is only a short promotional piece its easy to see how Aerial Video can be used to enhance promotion.

The final video can be seen here;
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Here are some stills from the shoot…

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We hope you enjoyed the video and would love to see how our Aerial Video Services could help you.

We would like to add a special thanks to all those involved, especially Ben Kenobi, James Horrell, Miles Burdon and Louis Rummer-Downing.

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